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To date up to 70 meters for operations in wind farms; assembly and industrial maintenance, monumental buildings, construction and transmission systems (antennas); services painting and sandblasting; photo shoots and television, etc. All these types of services will see to employ the best media on the market including Ruthmann Gmbh, currently the leading global manufacturers of aerial platforms, allowing us to have resources available that provide stability and affdabilità in every respect.

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Up to 27 meters without driver hire. Even for these Tru.c.s. rentals He has chosen to provide its customers with the platforms manufactured by Ruthmann Gmbh. The German manufacturer, in a full three years ahead of the competition, part of the market air platforms with B license, the TB270; the highest in the world in this category. This platform is produced from 27 mt using the same techniques of the platforms of great heights so going to offer an extremely stable and reliable machine from all points of view.

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From 1 to 25 tons for the lifting and transport of machinery and industrial removals. specialized service for loading, unloading and installation of air-conditioning units, safes, armored cabinets, fireproof and internal transportation of automatic machines and machining centers, etc.

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Special means for handling machinery. Perfect in factories mechanical, industrial, construction, etc.

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Suitable for lifting large loads, crane assembly building, steel structures, assembly and maintenance of metal structures, beams, prefabricated, construction and building material lifting in general.

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