The company

Our Values, our Philosophy

Tru.C.S Srl represents an 'important reality in rental areas and use of aerial work platforms, cranes, autocarrigru, forklifts, tractors and road tractors, trailers and semi-trailers, boasting a fleet of about 50 vehicles available to provide a professional and reliable service.

Leader of working at height, in lifting and material handling, in industrial removals in exceptional transport, in building maintenance, in plumbing work as well to pruning, Tru.C.S managed to achieve broad visibility thanks to its highly selective policy applied to the selection of all its platforms.

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Look The Places

Where we work, our next project aboard

The Tru.C.S. Ltd. operates routinely in Italy (branches in Caserta, Catanzaro and Palermo) and in the whole European territory, and
He plans to expand into Spain, for more information visit the maps and find the nearest branch.


What we want to do , the Future of the company

Airplane TRUCS

Tru.C.S. Ltd. has bet right away at work at height, investing resources, time and passion in this direction.

In tal senso l ’azienda svilupperà maggiori e migliori qualità nella movimentazione pasante e nei lavori in quota,
gli Special Services Truck TRUCS that will allow Tru.C.S Srl to meet all the needs of the customer in our field.

The Team

The best staff

Our STAFF is composed of selected personnel, able to assist the client in the works and garatire quality of the service, in particular:

7 Operators

Specialists and Qualified

1 employee

Workshop and warehouse

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